Questions about the Order of Melchizedek

Questions about the Order of Melchizedek

The question has come from many of you if it is true that four of the five Melchizedeks on Earth at this time are: Haridas, Sheckenah, Drunvalo and Machiventa (They spelled it Marchivenda). This is being distributed in various ways by a man named Gary Smith.

From what Machiventa himself has told me, this is not completely true. Haridas and Sheckenah are not directly from the Melchizedek consciousness this time around. In addition, Alton Melchizedek from Australia is also not from the Melchizedek consciousness.

However, everyone is from the Melchizedek consciousness ultimately. It is the direct connection and source to God. But please understand, this does not mean that what these men have to offer humanity is not worthy or important. You must make that decision.

All of the Melchizedeks on Earth work through ALPHA & OMEGA, ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK, the first order of the Great White Brotherhood. And to clarify the word "Brotherhood", there are both male and female members. Gender has nothing to do with this work. There are 72 orders in the GWB, the last or omega order is THE ORDER (BROTHERHOOD) OF THE SEVEN RAYS in Peru and Bolivia. Their work is mostly 4th dimensional.

There is also the Melchizedek priesthood. This part of the order is enormous. I am not sure of the exact number of Melchizedek priests in the world, but it could be in the hundreds of thousands. There are both male and female priests. They will be found in every country of the world.

Each order emerges on the 3rd dimension of Earth's consciousness with a specific wavelength. They stay visible and disappear into another dimension at regular intervals depending of the wavelength that they are working with. The ROSICRUSIANS, for example, emerge of the surface of the Earth for exactly 100 years, and then disappear for 100 years, and then return again for 100 years, etc. Each order has a different timing.

All 72 orders, though independent, work for the greater good of the Earth and specifically for the last 13,000 years, to construct the Christ Grid or Unity Grid around the Earth, which is now finished, and ready for us to make a consciousness change.

There are five Melchizedeks here on Earth at this time, but only two of them are in the 3rd dimension. Two of them are in the 4th dimension of the Earth's consciousness, and they are twins both female. And one of them, Machiventa, can be in either dimension depending on purpose. I am not allowed to give their names at this time.

Machiventa, of course, is definitely functioning directly through Melchizedek consciousness and has been here on Earth for over 200,000 years.

I hope this answers some of your questions about ALPHA & OMEGA, THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK.

In Love and Service, Drunvalo


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