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Hi Dan,

I visited your link by way of the tantric-club as my site http://www.angelfire.com/nc/femalewisdom/index.html was also just added as a link to that club.

The first thing I noted was you mentioned that kundalini was rooted in the word for hair.

Might I offer another scenario.

The Oriental Great Goddess of Wisdom was know by the names of Cunti or Kunda (Kunda specifically identified as the Yoni of the Universe). The Goddess of Wisdom has again and again been associated with the serpent or the snake in cultures worldwide and it seems probable that as Kundalini is about arousing the coiled serpent of wisdom at the base of the spine that the word kundalini evolved from Kunda the Goddess.

As you already know, C and K are frequently interchanged in different languages. And so it is that from Cunti and Kunda we get the probable origins of the words for country, kin, and kind (Old Englis CYN, Gothic KUNI)...

ALSO related the Latin CUNNUS, middle English CUNTE, Old Norse and Frisian KUNTA, Basque KUNA....other cognates are "cunablula" (a cradle), "Cunina" (a Roman goddess who protected children)..."cunctipotent" (all powerful....having cunt magic), "cunicle" (a hole or passage....easy to see that kin meaning relative comes from the image of "one born from the same cunt").....also cunning (clever), kenning & ken (knowledge, learning, insight, wisdom)....

Kunda made it all the way to Ireland and is believed by many to be the precursor of the Irish Goddess KILDA whose shrines were everywhere until the Christians came and destroyed them or turned them into Christian churches. Unfortunately for the Christians the area around the shrines also bore the name of the Goddess in the prefix KIL, and lives on today in such names as KILdare, KILarney, KILkenny, etc.



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