Butterfly Gardens for Churches

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 03:16:04 -0500
From: rainbow7 rainbow7@airmail.net

dearest Ones

IF any of You are Interested PLEASE reply back to alan @ Bflyspirit@aol.com

Love Serena

Dear friends,

I thought this might interest you.




Here's how you can join:

___ Individual member $25

___ Dual/family $35 (This catagory also sponsors an entire class to raise butterflies)

___ Sustaining member $100

___ Small Business $100 Includes advertising as a sponsor

___ Benefactor $500

___ Life member(1 x pay) $750

___ Corporate $1000

___ Students, Seniors $15

___ Limited Income $0-$15 Sliding Scale

As a member, you'll receive a packet with the "Butterfly Gardening & Conservation" booklet, and bumber sticker. Send your check to Butterfly Gardeners Association, 1563 Solano Ave. #477, Berkeley Ca 94707

Join the enchanted flight . . .of the butterfly.
Break free of your chrysalis limitations.
Follow her in discovery of life's wondrous mystery.
Believe with all your heart the world can be healed, born anew, And soon, . . .
the love which seeded that belief will create a miracle come true.

-Shirl A. Steward

Subject: The CD is great!
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 14:29:07 EST
From: Ecolady@aol.com

Hi Terri,

I did receive the CD and I did listen to it this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The lyrics are great! I love the fundraiser idea! It is so important to keep the children interested in nature - especially now!

Thanks so much for sending it. I want to order some for friends - I will mail my order! Also, I would like to help sell them at the Earth Day Event. The preschoolers in town are doing butterfly art for the event!

Let me tell you a little more about what I am doing. I am going to be working on a Christian Butterfly Garden Newsletter - I started this when I met Alan Moore, The butterfly man and head of the Butterfly Garden Association in CA - via the internet - he started with the idea of using the Butterfly as an Ambassador - not only for environmental issues, but also for peace and social issues! I love the idea! I agree about how it is magic how they transform into beautiful creatures and how we can too - we really have to believe in God's magic in that regard.

If you would like to read more about The Butterfly Garden Association please visit the website: http://www.woodstocknation.org/butterfly.htm Butterfly Heaven

I said to Alan - how can I help? And he said "you decide how you want to help." Since I have been working on The Greening of the Faith issues, I wanted to incorporate that into what I would do and I suggested The Christian Butterfly Gardens and I submitted the article to Care for Creation magazine.

I just started this and the idea is to have Christian Butterfly Gardens around the country and united in some way - using the gardens to create greater Christian environmental stewardship. Any suggestions you may have to help it grow, would be appreciated.

In addition, I have been asked by the Parent Paper to write an article about butterfly gardening. I suggested it as a fun idea for parents to participate with their children this spring in caring for Mother Nature.

Also, below is a project that The Butterfly Garden Association is working on in CA - maybe the same concept can be applied to schools in other states -

where people can sell butterfly kits to the schools and raise money for a wide range of issues, environmental, peace, religious. etc.

Let me know what you think and how you would like proceed with regard to selling the CD at the Earth Day Event:

Thanks and Peace,

Dear friends,

We need to raise at least $1000 to have 1000 children have a chance to raise a butterfly for Earth Day. That's a buck a kid. Please spread this message and reply as soon as possible if you can help. We hope businesses can sponsor 100 children for one $100 contribution. A $35 family contribution to the Butterfly Gardeners will get you a membership as well as sponsor 35 children. It's up to you to help us fly. Please read the following press release and send it to your local media and email lists.

At the above rate we break even. If you can order at the regular rate that helps fund on going projects, please order at the regular rate. Regular prices are detailed under the heading titled School Butterfly Project below.

Alan Moore
The School Butterfly Project

Dear Educator: March 1999

Imagine this spring, thousands of butterflies being released into the world, each carrying the wishes of the students who grew them. Last year, over two thousand students successfully participated in our pilot Butterfly Project. This year, we anticipate over twenty-thousand students in the San Francisco Bay Area growing and releasing butterflies. How would you like to give your students a hands-on biology experience that they will remember forever?

The butterfly is known throughout the world as a symbol of transformation, beauty, hope, and according to the Native Indians, a carrier of wishes. The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly teaches us about change and has us question our own unique potential. Observing a butterfly in it's many stages of growth offers students an opportunity to imagine and create for themselves their personal dreams.

Like us, butterflies need clean air, water and food to thrive as well as a safe place to grow. Due to environmental pollution, the butterfly population is decreasing, and some species are rapidly becoming extinct. The Butterfly Project teaches students how to create a garden habitat for butterflies to thrive and grow and assists in the replenishing of our butterfly friends. Teachers have reported that when their students participate in the Butterfly Project, group cooperation increases, disruptive behavior drops, creativity is enhanced, as well as overall performance.

Berkeley School Superintendent, Jack McLaughlin, has enthusiastically endorsed this project after having schools in his district participate last year.

Project Information:

This amazing project can be added to any curriculum and requires an hour or less of class time to care for the caterpillars. Students can release their grown butterflies up to one week after they emerge from the chrysalis. You may plan a group release with your class, a multi-classroom school release, or add a butterfly release to an event such as this years graduation.

The cost of the program is $44.95+ 8.25% tax (California only) if you can arrange to pick up your order in Berkeley or $50.00 if we include shipping and handling This includes everything you need for 33 students to grow their own butterfly from a caterpillar, information on planting a butterfly garden and a butterfly illustration to color and fill in your butterfly wish.

Curriculums are $10 each, please specify the grade level:


To place your order call: 800-859-7135

To order your butterfly kit(s) for this school year, with shipping release dates through June, please place your order by April 23rd. Scholarships are on a first come first serve basis, call us for details. Thank you for your time.


Alan Moore, Director


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